Monday, October 27, 2008

Ask Dr. Stupid, the shite hits

Sorry 'bout that folks,

Had Ren Hoek's lawyer hounding me all day yesterday.
So I had to change my name.

Hope this doesn't cause any confusion.

On to someone's only slightly ridiculous question-
"Dear Dr. (P)Stupid,

Does your bike need a flux capacitor to do that Middletown race?
Where can I get one?"

Well CZ,

You apparently thought that you had to have one to race, and since you
couldn't find one, decided not to race.
You missed a fine event! We had FauxBras, Cougar Fest, and kind of an
old school course-
You'll have to search elsewhere to find the FauxBras and Cougar Fest.

While the flux capacitor is illegal for USCF sanctioned races, it's
pretty much allowed at the other races that you'll find here, there,
and somewhere.

Like this w/e, Iron Cross!!!-
Saturday is IC Lite, USCF hassled, so leave the fluxcy. off, but for
Iron Cross you can put it back on and "go like hell".

So what else is new?
Well I transferred the old Fort Uno into a SS Cross Demon Machine.
Put some newer bars on it, they call it "New Ergo" or "Compact" bend.
It's a large radius hook, that ends abruptly at the top where it
squares off. Very comfy with lots of places to put your hand. FSA
makes some, Bontrager calls it the VR bend, Control Tech may have one.
Slapped on some of those Cane Creek/Tektro levers that look kind of
like Campy or SRAM levers, and the whole setup feels quite a bit like
the Cannondale Cross Machines that we race on.
Put on some 700x30 Cross tyres and we had laying around the museum...
and promptly flatted going down the trail from Forest Ave. to the
Deckers Creek Rail-Trail.
30 is just not big enough when you're used to more.
Went over to Marilla to check it out and sure enough, it is not a
smooth ride at all w/ the tyres inflated enough to make certain that I
don't flat for the third time in two days...
I can run a larger tyre on that bike and I will.
Put a 38t front ring on it, so I'm running 38x19, which will just have
to be fine.

Uh oh, Stinky Wizzleteats is at the door.
I gotta go.

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