Monday, October 27, 2008

Ask Dr. PStupid, what to bye

> Dr. Stupid.....Should I get a LeMond Popad cross disc bike? Im here in Biden
> country De.
> and theres a LBS serving up one at a good price.......or is he ( LeMond)
> such an idiot I
> should just motor around on my trusty Schwinn Frazee cross bike.

That's a pretty good question actually.
I know of one person in Motown that had a Popad, but got rid of it
because of it's namesake being a jerk to our good friend Floyd.
Buying or not buying that bike isn't going to help or hinder Lemonade.
The company has been gotten rid of by Trek.
You'd be helping yourself by getting a decent byke for a good price
and you'd be helping that LBS by giving him money.
Some like the Popad, others have said that either the disc model or
the non-disc model has a wimpy fork or something. Ride the beast if
you can, lay on the front brake and see how she handles.
Discs are pretty cool but not entirely necessary, and illegal for some
Cross races.

What's wrong w/ the trusty Frazee machine?

If you do get the Lemonade you can always put cool Domo stickers on it.

But regardless, you should show up to at least a couple Cross
practices. There are a fine time and you might even learn something
useful (from someone else, not me).

> Da.
> et.

fone home.

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