Monday, October 27, 2008

Ask Dr. PStupid, snuck in there

"Dr. Psytupid,
I'm a cool hipster, can I run SS in cross races?
Do I have to race in the grrls class for that?

What's with that Euro-style brake setup, is that kewl?

Dope-fish to ya,


>>> Well EZ,
>>> More and more of the "fun" races are including SS classes, so it's a
>>> definite possibility.
>>> And in some conditions and some instances they might even be
>> preferred.
>>> Queen Bean Betsy actually has one of her Cannondales setup SS. It
>>> just works for her.
>>> But you don't get to class down or over just cause you're running
>> one
>>> gear. You run your class, if you have any.
>>> If you want to see a SS setup, you can come on over to Marilla Park
>>> around 5:30pm tonight.
>>> QBB might have hers and I will be running my SS Road machine set up
>>> for Cross action.
>>> Right now I'm running 38x19 for gearing. We'll see.
>>> If you come and have some questions, we'll try to accommodate your
>> and
>>> anyone else's shady ways. We can even teach your grandma to suck
>>> eggs.
>>> As for the brake question... That's another question, and I will try
>>> and answer it tomorrow, as the Happy Happy Joy Joy album needs
>> flipped
>>> and I gotta go.
>>> Cheese.

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