Monday, October 27, 2008

Ask Dr. PStupid, SNFU reference

"dr, stupid, if I poop, should I wipe or wait?"

As my friends from SNFU say "Don't Swear Or You'll Catch No Fish"

If on the bike-
You though should wait, cause it's only gonna get worse.

Or as my old friends from BC (Kona riders)-
"Better check 'em. Better yet, just chuck 'em."

Bruce Spicer, Cindy Devine, and Chris ? rode for Kona.
Big Joe Buscombe rode for Brodie.
Boy we had some fun traveling from Mammoth, CA to Park City, UT...
I was just some hack Pro rider, but someone who was helping them knew
one of my buddies and they let me take along for a week and a half.
1992 it was.
Bruce had an old Toyota FJ40 named Bertha. Big Joe had a regular Toyo
PU. And we drove off into the desert...

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