Monday, October 27, 2008

Ask Dr. PStupid

> question... I have Mavic Ksyrium SL wheels on my road bike... should
> i take them off and use junkie wheels when using the trainer?

So you want to ride the trainer, indoors type training as opposed to
riding outside which we Bi-atches really prefer...

You won't burn up your wheels that badly on the trainer, but you will
burn up your tires. Put some cheapies on. You might bung up those fancy skewers depending on how the trainer mounts.
Ha ha, "ride the trainer", "how the trainer mounts". You ask MikeY about all that!

Do you have another set of wheels?
They call the Ksyrium's "race" wheels. You shouldn't "train" on them.
You should have a set of training wheels.

Better yet is to ride your "whatever" bike w/ the training wheels on outside.
"It's always better Outside." I think I should sell that to iPlayOutside...

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