Monday, October 27, 2008

Ask Dr. PStupid, pity the fool

Hi Mr.TG,

"I pity the fool that doesn't eat my cereal."

One question per PStupid day.

On Fri, Oct 10, 2008 at 5:27 PM, craig weimer wrote:
> Dr. PStupid,
> 1) I am interested in racing cross bikes because I have heard there will be
> cowbells and offerings of libation at the tops of the hills during the CX
> race? Is this true?

It is at least partially true.
The Team Bi-atch & Cougar Fest! bus always has cowbells and usually
has at least two cans of libations.

At the bigger MetroSexual Races they usually have tons of cowbells,
sometimes giving them away, and usually there is fermented beverage
available. Either a free-standing keg, a full-on Euro-style Beer
tent, or just scads of fellow folks w/ their own drinks that are more
than happy to avail you of your need for drink.

At the Ed Sander Cross race, I was doing poorly and on the backside
they had PartyCentral. On the last lap they were wondering what I
would do, so I announced that I needed a beer. At the top of the
little rise some fellow friend had a Black & Tan gleefully waiting for
me, cracked open and everything.
"Not a sip, not a dribble, but the whole damn bottle." Joe J.
exclaimed as I downed the beverage and rode off to the finish line.

See you can both drink on the course and off.
But only if you've practiced these things. Which I have.
Thank the Lord Baby Bi-atch.

> 2) When you are coming down an steep grassy hill carpeted in acorn husks,
> and have to make a sharp turn around a tree and back up the the hill, what
> is the best weight distribution and braking strategy. Do you go mostly back
> brake? Do you go aggressive and put your weight forward and into the curve?
> Do you hang off the back? Do you lean your bike into it? Do you lean your
> body in but keep the bike upright? Just what is the best way to go fast and
> stay upright and out of the bushes on a course designed by West Virginia
> Hillbillies.

We're needing to do some more prep. work before our early morning
departure to Iron Cross, so I will answer this question in full when I
get back, or have some time.

For a hint-
Sometimes it's best to be off the bike, three-point contact style, in
to that corner. Then you are all ready to dismount fully and run up
the hill.
Now you can appreciate why I had you do those silly drills, and why I
encourage you do to more of them.
It is a good and useful skill to have.

See ya Mr. T.

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