Monday, October 27, 2008

Ask Dr. PStupid, more SNFU

On Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 10:58 AM, craig weimer wrote:
> I'm shielding my head and other, more delicate parts. I swear Dr. PStupid, I
> didn't mean to post that fragment- it was an accident- I'll do better. I
> promise.

Probably happened cause you were trying to ride your bike, and talk &
write into your iThing.
Just don't crash.

Reminds me of an SNFU song! (this month's Artist of the Month)
Drunk On A Bike-
It happened so fast
He didn't have time to think
Or maybe he had too much
a bit too much to drink
When he went riding off
into the bright sunshine
It turned out to be
the lights of a car

Can somebody help me please
Scrape this man up off the road
Can somebody help me please
I cannot do it on my own

As the police
were scarping him off the fender
A friend of his said
that he had been on a bender
and that he had a huge fight
Yeah, he had a fight with his wife
Then he got pissed off
Then rode off on his bike

He was drunk
He was drunk on a bike

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