Monday, October 27, 2008

Ask Dr. PStupid, where to go bro?

"Dearest Dr. PStupidness,

Do you always and only ride your cross bike at Marilla Park, or
wherever the next race is going to be held?
I don't ride, but I like to pretend and day-dream about it.

Thanks so much, Suzy Puch,


Well Fell,

That's a good question and what do you know, it's a timely one too!

Most folks don't just ride their Cross bikes in one locale. In fact
on our way around town on Sunday, me and Marzipan met up w/ K-B-J and
DonD, as they were trying to navigate their way around the course,
looking for the Death Climb, after going on the 9am (stupid early!!)
ride. We then rode around w/ them, showed them where the cool Beaver
was causing much mayhem down by MedExpress, then they parted and we
continued our ride.
Crossing around town.

On Saturday, we did this cool ride-
On Sunday, this one-

And tonight, we out did ourselves.

Back in the day we used to have a few courses around town. We'd ride
from course to course, also doing Cross style things (climbing steps,
running up yards, falling down over ledges, that sort of thing)
enroute and between them.
It was such fun.
So I finally mapped out a nice little practice course at the First Ward park-
And tonight, did that one, did some speed trail work behind South,
found a kick-arse loop at White Park for fast climbing work, and then
finished up w/ a lap of our World Famous UHS loop-

So next time we may invite some hearty souls along and do more or less.

Yes, it's dark Feel. But we use little acetylene lamps mounted on our
helmets and everything's fine.

Actually I have a NiteRider MiNewt X2 and Marzipan has a MiNewt USB+.
Fine really small helmet mountable lights. Really fine lights for the
money and what you need it for.
The USB+ is small enough to have both the light and battery on the helmet!
March on down to your favorite LBS and check them out.
Tell them PStupid sent you.

Not get back to stalking.

I have to go, my belly hurts from eating too much Corn Chowder too
quickly. Marzipan says I need to lay down...

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crs said...

Dear Dr. Stupid,

What was the Mon-county-cycling list server people thinking giving you an advise column?


Do I need to move back there and straighten this shit out?