Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pheromone effect to good results!

As you know last December I broke my hand up pretty good. While in the cast I found it difficult to apply deodorant, now I never religiously wore it before so this isn’t all that crazy. So my experiment in training: I have gone, with the expectation of a few times, without wearing any deodorant for close to 6 months. Has this made me faster so now I am winning races, the pheromone effect or am I smelling so offensive the competition is staying clear and allowing me to win races? Add it to the journal kids!!!

Smell + pheromone= racing success

*Google it if you don't believe me


B. Nicholson said...

The 'backslapping' of victors is really just rubbing of armpits transfers midi-chlorians (skin surface microflora) between celebrants. Adrenal secretions stimulate pro-pheromone emissions for 'winning' bacteria to utilize as food as they process it into 'the sweet smell of success'. Defeated midi-chlorians are starved and hoarded among the dejected losing team. It is this way that we evolve pheromonal symbionts for 'team spirit'.

crs said...

Yeh, what he said!

gunn4r said...


But who he?