Wednesday, May 21, 2008

X-Rated Voyeurism Training Fun!!

Take out your training journals kids I have a few things for you to enter.

Find a stretch a road preferably with a slight incline. Do 3-4 30-45 sec intervals all out say 5 sets...good for the body and mind. Add to it a car with a couple getting their freak on... PRICELESS!!! Wave to said couple every time you pass... hilarious... them waving back every time... just brilliant!!!
Just when I thought DC was boring and uptight. Well add that to the journal kiddies it will surely make you fast or at least laugh and blush.

Hard intervals and a little Voyeurism make you fast it will!!

...I kind of feel dirty!!

Chris we need pics too don't forget.
It's your responsibility you know...

1 comment:

crs said...

I will try Director. I was focused on my intervals though, ok on the funny circumstance I found myself in.