Sunday, February 17, 2008

Training.....what!!!-revised part 2

A big thanks goes out to director sportif for correcting my training schedule start and stop days!

So I finished up with...

Thursday: 1 hour Valentine run with some plyometric thingies that make you walk funny the next day if done right-no beer

Friday: 2 hours on the fixie. Which if you convert into tough guy miles you get 3 hours-3 beers

Saturday: 3 hours on the fixie with some hill efforts. Tough guy conversion 4.5 hours-3 beers and a slice pizza after midnight

We did miss the start of the Tour of California. I believe director sportif is getting a little too old and his memory for dates is getting a little questionable.

I will tell you about all my exciting antics on the bike from this week next Sunday! So get out there and ride, have fun, smile and drink a beer.

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