Thursday, February 14, 2008

Training... what??? Revisited

Brother Chris, et al,

The 15º commute in was not so bad.
What *was* bad was that my front brake left me (cable slip) and I went down the first hill, Willey, with out the rear brake (wasn't connected). Made for some excitement at the bottom for sure.
This is just one problem with the early morning commutes. And it's freakin' cold!

The rest of the ride was most enjoyable as cycling should be.

Sunday is not the beginning of the training week, not the beginning of the training period, not nothing.
Sunday is the end.
It is the culmination of the weeks work, what we look forward to the most, be it the long ride, the big race, the big booze fest afterwards, the end of the too-short weekend.
Monday starts the week. Sometimes it is w/ needed rest, sometimes it's just another day in the week of commute/training (as is the time now). Sometimes it's just Monday.

Hope that clears some things up.
Amen Brother.


Josh Whitmore said...

So in your performance management chart on Cycling peaks, do you start your power file graph on Sunday or Monday?

PS, how do you get the power meter to work on the fixie?

gunn4r said...

You sir,

Are not enjoying yourself enough.
You should quickly reacquaint yourself, and those that you love, with the tenants of Team Bi-atch-

Thus will you find your way.

"Performance Management Chart.."

crs said...

Well said director sportif..

Also, there is no power meter thingie to measure the intrinsic and cathartic benefits of bike riding nor to measure the athletic benefits of beer drinking...but we all know that is priceless

gunn4r said...

And Josh,

Chris rides the fixie, Betsy and I ride single-speeds (freewheel).
Mike rides whatever he's given, and since bike mags aren't really doing a booming business w/ adverts for SS, he rides gears a fair bit.
'Ceptin' for most of his mtbing.

Get it right.