Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bike riding and training things for the week of Feb 17-23

Team Bi-atch member Chris aka F*ckermans training schedule for Feb. 17-23

Sunday: 3hours on the fixie and it was crap out: tough guy conversion calculator 4hours- 2 beers

Monday: First I would like to thank all the US Presidents for all their hard work and contribution to the nation and society at large (except the current fella) and for the day off. I took off on the fixie but flatted about 10 minutes from home, so I turned around and rode home on the flat, grabbed the Redline Cross bike and did a 2.5 hour road ride. I added a few hill efforts for good measure and it was cold and rainy so tough guy conversion 3 hours.- No beer

Tuesday: 1h15min run with some plyometric thingies. I walked funny the next day so I must have done them right, right?-glass of wine ( I am one classy ladies!!!)

Wednesday: rest by choice- no beer but too much coffee. That gets the heart going right? Maybe I should wear a heart monitor when drinking coffee??

Thursday: CRAPPY OUT and I am a sissy so another day off but I had a great nap after work- No beer

Friday: I took the day off from school to get more work done to my teeth(but school was canceled because of the weather anyway, yippee!!!). You remember me talking about it, last April I face planted knocking out my grill. I will try to include a picture but director sportif sometimes censors us. Back to training: 1 hour trail run which was a whole lot of fun in the snow and I was so inspired by myself and since the roads weren’t too bad I jumped on the Redline and road almost 2 hours….STUD but no tough guy conversion!!!-2 Beers

Saturday: Well, with the race season nipping at our heels I feel as though I need to regain some structure back in my life. With the hand surgery and the cold days my focus has been a little out of wack. Sleeping to noon needs to stop so I decided to get up for the world famous 10am DC Rockcreek ride. Now I struggled to get up especially since I was up past 2am watching inspirational Youtube clips sent to me by our director sportif. I managed to schlep my butt out of bed by 9 am anyway so I could make the ride. It is only 5 minutes away from my apartment door. After I got the coffee brewing I opened the door and man was it ugly out. Some awful mix of rain, ice and snow, I thought about going back to bed, but I figured the BMW driving cyclist of DC would still arrive even though it was ugly out they seem to be a hardy bunch, boy I was mistaken. When I got there no one was around, heck!!! What a bunch sissies, time to move back to West “by god” Virginia were the men are men and the sheep run scared but they all ride in crappy weather. So what did I do? I did the 10am world famous DC Rockcreek ride alone in the rain, ice and snow: 5hours and almost 90 miles but I had gears so no fixie tough guy conversion but I get the tough guy ugly weather conversion points so 5.5 hours. – 3 beers

WEEKS TOTAL: 14 hours real time, 16 tough guy conversion hours, 7 beers(probably more), 1 glass of wine, lots of coffee,a whole lot of fun, snot rockets and smiles

Get out there ride, have fun and ride some more. It is
cathartic ya know...better then _______ I have heard!

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