Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Associate Betsy has been buggin' me about updating my blog, so here's an update.
Course I don't even think she knows about this one. It's so new, it's so fresh, it's so-so.

Training schedules, efforts, and maintenance vary from client/associate (they are one and the same), but with each and every step we strive to make sure that the client/associate (here on out known as c/a) are as happy and satisfied as possible. Cause a happy cyclist is a happy racer!

For c/a gunn4r and Betsy, the training is to be as follows for the month of February-

Monday through Friday

commute to and from work

Nars is to return home the extendo route when possible

Bunny is to return home the extendo route

gPS is to meet the good Dr. on her route home when possible

Any NIOSH employees should also supplement the weekly training w/ these programs available at the Wellness Center; Amazing Abs, Boot Camps, and the Lunch Time "hour" rides


This is the day that the Fiend hath made for slight resting and spending more time w/ Jackie O.

Hiking, hiking, hiking. Up at Coops. Down to town. Down to Don D.'s saturday evening communal get together (to score food, beer, and mingle)

The Sunday Baker's Ridge Ride. Ride there using the approved short-way-there route. Ride hard, have fun, go boonie-biking w/ the others. Drink beer post ride, socialize. Ride home the approved long-way-back route.

Remember to pack extra hat/ear protection, gloves, windbreaker, provisions, beer (the cheap variety).


Go for longish hikes/walks w/ doggie across the way. Make sure she doesn't follow the deer too far. Make her run long and far for her sticks. Remember to have her bring one stick home to add to the pile at the front door.

Go. Fight. Spin.

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