Saturday, July 12, 2008


Next Sat., the 19th of July, I am predicting a colossal explosion at approximately 12 PM. I predict the explosion shall be heard around the world. Don't be alarmed.

In the spirit of the Cycle-Dumb trained athlete, I signed up for the singlespeed race (8 AM) and the pro race (11 AM) at mt bike nationals. All year I've been planning on doing the SS race, and I shan't be deterred by such a silly thing as scheduling. harumph!
Rumor has it the SS race = 4 laps, and the pro race = TBD. Maybe 5? I hope I finish the SS race in time to stuff some Pringels and maybe some Nutter Butters down my gullet before the craziness of the pro race. gunnar and Goose both race at 8 AM on Sat., so send some good vibes towards Vermont next weekend. Please.
Then, Team Bi-Atch (we all subscribe to the CD training program) will pile in the car and drive down to Fairmont, WV to race on Sunday. Can't miss one of those WVMBAs, you know.

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crs said...

I predict multiple victories.