Thursday, July 24, 2008

Top Secret Wilderness 101 training

1. Sleep 9+ hours while still needing to hit the snooze bar 3 times, drink lots of coffee, nap #1, blog, more coffee, nap #2
2. Silly fix gear intervals, like 30seconds on 3 times by 5 blah, blah, blah. You know some conventional anal "training" crap. But we Bi-acth's hate convention so...

3. After said intervals find some hills that you can really get rolling down on your fixie and practice your mad cool power slide skills action. The goal 270-300 degrees with out crashing in multiple directions. Ahh yeh!!! How will this help in the 101? It probably won't but it will hopefully impress the fixie riding hipster girly's!!! And why do we race, dah, meeting mad cool hipster girly's. Right?

So get out their fan!! Ride hard and smile.

*no stinking brakes are allowed on your fixie

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