Friday, June 6, 2008

June was made for racing and sweltering

That's right.

So much racing that you don't have to train much.
So much heat that you're wishing that it would return to Spring or Fall.

All that bitchin' and moaning about the weather, the rain, the need for long rides, how your buddies and doing intervals, your buddies not being at the races, all that stuff.

Just look at the sort of thing we got planned here-
* Last w/e, wasn't June when we raced the Mohican, that's why at night it rained and we got scared. But we did race that long, kind of sloppy and turn filled race.
And were tired all week. Some of us are still trying to get over the odd cold, some are claiming to be getting one (I think it's the demon gender cause though...).
* June 7-8 24 Hours of Big Bear. We all got on teams, all hanging out at the Big Bear Penthouse Suites. Me and PP are on Duo Teams, Goose is on a 4-man Pro.
* June 14-15 Appalachian Classic. We got Short Track and TT on Sat. We also got the Weedhawks jamming that night. The the XC on Sunday. Camping out indeedie-doo.
* June 21-22 Davis Rock & Road. Some long stupid hill filled race on Sat. in Tucker County and then the WV State Championships on Sunday. Both long. Both hard.
* June 28-29 Kind of undecided. Maybe some Road racing action in OH both days on the way down to...
* July 1-3 Masters Road Nats. Road racing in Louisville, KY. Only I don't get to RR cause my RR is on the same day, right before the Tandum RR. So we're opting for the Tandum. Goose is going to be feeding us both.
* July 4-6 Barbour DeTour, then a decision, stay there or go down to St. Albans and do the Grand Prix. Not sure about Sunday.
* And the fun continues I'm sure, Pro Style cause Goose is going to be staying here for the extended Bi-atch Pro Tour.

So what do we do inbetween traveling and racing?
* We commute to Betsy's work.
* We ride at the UHS Short Track w/ Jackie, work on skillz.
* We do the Wednesday Hammer Ride unless it's cold and raining.
* Rinse repeat.

What else would you need to do?

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